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You have found a site containing a free download you want but you don’t want to enter your main email address to get the link for fear of getting a lot of spam from the site. A good option is to use a temporary email address. 10 Minute Mail can help you there.

When you go to the 10 Minute Mail site, you get a temporary email address that is good for 10 minutes. Copy the email address in the edit box and use it on sites where you don’t want to give your own email address.

You get messages at that temporary address that you can view directly on the 10 Minute Mail site until the 10 minutes are up. You can reply to messages, click links in messages, and forward message to yourself, if you find you want to keep them.

10 Minute Mail website

If you need more than 10 minutes, you can click the 10 more minutes! link. You can also change the language for the page to one of 37 languages using the Choose Your Language drop-down list.

Using 10 Minute Mail is a good way to sign up for downloads where you have to confirm your email address to get the download link.

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