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Blocking websites has become commonplace now because of parental control or for any other reason. Browsers offer add-ons which can effectively block any web site you choose, unfortunately, if the idea is to be unnoticed (e.g. because of your children which can easily disable the addon) there is an alternative way to achieve this goal in any Windows version and in this tutorial I will show you how.

Step 1: To start, click Start menu and choose Computer (My Computer in Windows XP) and go into Local Disk (C:) or other partition depending where you installed your Windows
Step 2: Once inside, you’ll will probably see all kinds of folders (Downloads, Program Files, etc..), however you need to click open Windows folder.
Step 3: This folder contains at least fifty other files. To find the one you need, view files in list mode, look for System32 folder and open it
Step 4: System32 folder also contains thousands of files of all kinds and any extension. The folder we need is called drivers, double click on that folder to open it
Step 5: Now locate the etc folder and inside it open the hosts file using the Notepad

Step 6: Now find the line localhost. To block a website hit the Enter on your keyboard to open a new line and add this text in new line
Step 7: Save and close the hosts file.
Step 8: Last step is to restart your computer to apply the changes you just made. Once you login into Windows again, try to open a in your web browser and you will see it wont open.
Hopefully this tip will help you to easily block any web site without any additional application or hardcore changes inside Windows. If you are looking for better way to protect your children while they are on your computer try some of these tips.

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