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This tutorial will show you how to automatically send a custom message to each of your new Twitter followers.
Using the terrific and free service IFTTT, you can automatically send a direct message to each new person who follows you on Twitter. Just follow the steps outlined below –
  1. If you don’t already have an IFTTT account, head over to and sign up for one. The sign-up process is simple and very straight forward (and again, free).
  2. Once your account has been set up, visit the “recipe” page Greet new twitter follower. Scroll down to the section title Activate these Channels first and click the first Activate button.

  3. A browser window will ‘pop-up’ asking you to sign into Twitter and authenticate the IFTTT app. Enter your username/email address and password in the spaces provided, then click the Authorize app button.

  4. Once the “Twitter Channel” has been activated, click the Done button.

  5. Now scroll down to the What’s Happening? section. You’ll see that the default “message” (greeting) that’s sent to each of your new followers is Welcome, Thanks for following! – which is a little boring.

  6. Let’s edit that greeting to something a little more interesting or personal. Remember to leave the D {{UserName}} part of the message intact. Note: keep the 140 character limit in mind, as with all Twitter messages, this one has to be 140 characters or less. Once you’re happy with your automatic greeting (which you can change at any point in time) – click the Use Recipe button.

  7. Now each time someone new follows you on Twitter, they’ll be greeted shortly thereafter with the custom message that you created. It’s that simple!

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