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If you’re running Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10, you probably have realized by now that there are two different versions of IE: one that is a full-screen Metro app and one that is just a desktop version that we’ve always had for years and years.
Normally, if you go to the Start screen, you’ll see the Internet Explorer 10 tile, which will load the Metro full-screen version of IE:
ie metro app
Now let’s say you install Google Chrome and you set Chrome as your default browser:
chrome default browser
If you go back to the Start Screen after doing this, you’ll notice that the Internet Explorer tile has a slightly different version of the logo on it! That’s because it’s now the desktop version of IE instead of the metro version.
ie desktop version
Now whenever you click on the IE 10 tile on the start screen, it just keeps opening the desktop version! Grrrr. I thought it was a bug or something and it took me forever to figure out what the actual problem was. Since I had made Google Chrome the default browser, Windows 8 decided to replace the tile with the desktop version. I have no idea why it would do this or how it makes any sense, but that is what Windows 8 does.
If you want to get back the immersive IE 10 full-screen metro app, you will have to set IE 10 as the default web browser on your Windows 8 machine. You can do that by going to the Start Screen and typing Default Programs. This will automatically bring up the search charm for you.
default programs
Then click on Set your default programs.
set your default programs
Scroll down to Internet Explorer and then click on the Set this program as default at the bottom of the right-hand pane.
set ie as default
That’s it! Now when you do this, if you go back to the Start Screen, you will see that the IE 10 logo has changed back to the Metro full-screen version. If you click on it, you will get the full-screen version of IE.
full screen ie
As of right now, I can’t figure out a way to make Chrome my default browser and still get IE to load in the full-screen version. If you have found a solution to this, please let us know in the comments!
This is definitely not very intuitive and will confuse people even more once they start using Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. Two versions is already confusing enough, but disabling the Metro version just because you set another browser as default really makes no sense. Feel free to vent in the comments! Enjoy!

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