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Ergonomics is the study of work and the efficiency and safety of the human-machine system. Ergonomics removes barriers to quality, productivity, and safe human performance by fitting products, tasks, and environments to people.
EHS employs a part-time consulting ergonomist in order to assist the campus community with ergonomic issues, testing, worksite evaluation, job analysis, and the like. Contact EHS for assistance.
Marty Dagostino, CPE
Ergonomic Solutions - Athens, OH

Office Setting

Avoid awkward posture and positioning by following these guidelines for proper computer workstation ergonomics.

Stress Relieving Exercises

Give joints and muscles a rest by taking periodic breaks and stretching.
Back Exercise


Stand and raise your right arm overhead, bending to one side. Count to five. Repeat on the opposite side. Do three times daily.
Stand, supporting the lower back with hands, and gently arch backward. Count to five. Next, bend forward, placing hands on knees, and count to five. Do three times daily.
Neck Exercise


Lower your left ear to your shoulder. Slowly tuck chin to chest and roll head to the right until the right ear lowers to the shoulder. Repeat often during the day.
Shoulders Exercise


Circle your shoulders forward, then backward. Repeat often.
Cross arms over chest and hold for a count of five. Leading with the elbows, push arms back and hold for five. Repeat often.
Hands & Wrists Exercise

Hands & Wrists

Tightly clench your hands and then release, fanning out the fingers. Do this five times.
Rest your forearm on a table top. Grasp the fingers of one hand and gently bend back your wrist for five seconds.

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