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There might be times when you need to burn a DVD that plays on a regular home DVD player, say for your less tech savvy friends or family. Here’s how to remove encryption, rip, then burn it to a blank disc.

Rip a DVD

1. Since most commercial DVDs are encoded, the first thing to do is remove the protection from it. Here we’ll use DVDFab, which includes a DVD Decoder feature which is always free to use. Put in the DVD you want to rip, then launch DVDFab and it will start analyzing the DVD.


2. After it analyzes the disc, select Main Movie, then the chapter with the most play time. Make sure you have an output target selected, then change the quality to DVD5, which will lower the quality a bit, but will fit on a standard blank DVD – hey since you’re giving the burned DVD to a non-techie, they probably won’t notice the difference anyway.


3. Verify everything looks correct on the next screen…and give the volume a label that’s related to the DVD. Then click Start to begin the ripping process.


4. You’ll see a progress screen while the process completes. When it’s done, a message will pop up saying it completed successfully…click OK, Finish and close out of DVDFab.


5. Now navigate to the output directory you selected in the previous steps and the VIDEO_TS folder where you should see all of the VOB files that were ripped…in this case it’s C:\Users\i3geek\Documents\DVDFab\MainMovie\FRASIER Final Season Disc 4\VIDEO_TS.


6. You might want to open a couple files with VLC media player to make sure they look good. If they do, take out the original DVD and pop in a blank one.


Burn the Ripped DVD Files to a Blank Disc

1. Now that you have the original DVD ripped to your hard drive, it’s time to burn them to a blank DVD so it can be played on a DVD player. For this we’re going to use WinX DVD Author which is now available as a free download.


2. Installation is easy…just follow the wizard and accept the defaults.


3. After it’s installed, launch it and click Video DVD Author. This will let you burn the VOB files to a disc that can be played on a home DVD player. You can also create subtitles and a menu as well if you want.


4. On the next screen click the “+” (Add Clips) button which will open an Explorer window so you can browse to the VIDEO_TS folder where the ripped VOB files are. Use the keyboard combination “CTRL+A” to select them all…then click Open.


5. The files will be listed and you can check if you want standard 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. You can also select to create a DVD menu or auto add a letter box. Click the arrow buttons to move clips up or down to change their order. After you have everything set how you like it, click the Next Step button


6. You can also click the wrench button to change different settings like having the temp files cleaned up after the burning job is finished.


7. Select a write speed, disc volume name, and encoder engine from low to high quality. After you’ve made your selections, click the Start button.


8. Now kick back and wait while the conversion and burning process completes.


9. You’ll see when the burning process has completed and the DVD tray will open.


You’re done. Now hand the burned DVD to your friends or family so they can watch it on their home DVD player.

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